Ascendovations Launches Interactive Kiosk

Ascendovations Launches Interactive Kiosk for Hotels

Orlando, Fla., October 27, 2004 - Ascendovations has announced the launch of ExpressCheck, an interactive kiosk that will be marketed to hotels worldwide.

Gaidi Hartage, President of Ascendovations, a University of Central Florida Incubator client, said the firm's ExpressCheck kiosk will be tested at a Days Inn property near International Drive in Orlando. The ExpressCheck kiosk, similar to rapid check-in kiosks that are found at major U.S. airports, will allow hotel guests to check in or check out using an interactive touch-screen display.

The system is managed by a web-based program that provides up-to-the-minute reports to hotel administrators, Hartage said.

"We expect ExpressCheck will appeal most strongly to hotels that serve a large volume of convention guests," said Hartage. "The vast majority of site check-ins and check-outs are simple transactions that really don't require the participation of a hotel or convention center desk clerk," Hartage explained.

"Our research shows that when presented with the ExpressCheck option, most guests will choose the convenience and time savings over standing in line to transact with a desk clerk," Hartage added. "We expect ExpressCheck will be the gold standard in hotel and convention center kiosk transactions."

Customers can choose from a variety of leasing and purchase plans, Hartage said. Ascendovations plans to roll out ExpressCheck at meetings of the Central Florida Hotel and Motel Association, the Florida Hotel and Motel Association, and a major U.S. hospitality industry trade show in California next June.

For more information, contact:

Gaidi Hartage, Ascendovations, 407-841-7804. Tom O'Neal or Carol Ann Dykes, UCF Technology Incubator, 407.882.0202 Larry Vershel or Beth Payan, LV Communications Inc. 407.644.4142. About Ascendovations

Ascendovations was founded in February 2001, with a mission of delivering innovative real-time solutions for marketing, sales, production lines and customer service. Using web based technology, Ascendovations provides companies with practical, viable strategies to reach customers and improve business through applications development, customized software development, and software integration that makes connecting to legacy systems easy and affordable. For more information, visit

About the UCF Technology Incubator

Since its founding in 1999, the UCF Technology Incubator has helped more than 80 emerging technology companies create over $140 million in revenue and more than 450 new jobs with an average salary of $59,000. As a result of this success, the UCF Technology Incubator was recently named the 2004 Technology Incubator of the Year by the National Business Incubation Association. Headquartered in Research Park near the University, the Incubator is a collaboration in economic development between UCF, Orange County, the City of Orlando, the Florida High Tech Corridor Council and the Metro-Orlando Economic Development Commission. For more information, visit


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